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Welcome to Building a Lasting Connection!

One Step at a Time

with Camille Pack

Developed by Dr. Debi Gilmore and Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen


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Available for 30 days following program completion.

You Ordered the Connection System!

Connection System

Hooray! You made the investment and added the Connection System to your workshop order. You’ve got everything you need coming to you in the mail!

We’ll use the workbooks starting in Module 1, and we’ll get out the floor mat beginning with Module 2.

  • 1 – 8 x 4 foot double-sided floor mat
  • 1 – 8.5 x 11 inch double-sided touch mat, for on-the-go conversations
  • 2 – workbooks

Although you have the workbooks, you’re welcome to print and save electronic copies of the course prompts found in the modules to discuss new topics with your partner as needed.

Many couples use these prompts again and again until it becomes second nature.

When you’re ready to start Module 1, click below to go to page 2. 

Thank you for being here!


Order the Connection System for yourself or as a gift to a friend here.

You’re Using Electronic Materials!

Hooray! I wanted to make this workshop available to as many people as possible, and creating the option to take the course virtually was the easiest way to lower the cost barrier to entry.

Whatever the reason, if you didn’t order the Connection System mats and workbooks in the mail, don’t worry!

You can absolutely get terrific value from this course. Here’s how:

  • before each class, print two copies of all the materials included in each module on the next page (one for you and one for your partner), and
  • follow along visually on the recording, pausing at sections that display the important information.

That’s it! By being proactive, you’ll still have an extremely valuable experience. It is absolutely worth it.

And if at some point you decide you’re ready to invest in the Connection System (it does make your conversations magical), you’re welcome to order it anytime during or after the program. 

When you’re ready to start Module 1, click below to go to page 2. 

Thank you for being here!