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Camille Pack StoryKeeper

Camille Pack, MA, BLCF

teacher. coach. storykeeper.

I’m an explorer trying to understand safety and belonging through Western psychology and Eastern spirituality. Our suffering and joy get so jangled up together.

How can we love when it’s painful? How can we trust after we’ve been hurt? What does compassionate wisdom say about our emotional wounding?

I’m interested in how we create belonging—with ourselves, with our experience, and with each other—especially when it’s hard. How do we call on a loving presence and a loving practice when we’ve been speared through the heart?

How do we gather the support and courage we need to step into a necessary risk and create an opening on the horizon?

How can we live in a full-throated way?

For me it’s a practice. A deliberate practice to create enough safety to support my intentions. And safety is a pre-requisite. In my experience, the payoff is freedom from suffering. Not freedom from pain. Freedom from self-inflicted suffering. And joy.

Mindful connection always leads to joy. We recognize our belongingness and our enoughness. We honor our sacred stories, claim our hero’s journey, and take the next necessary risk. 

We become our own storykeeper. We become each other’s.


What emerges is a deep sense of belonging to ourselves, to our community, and to our own lives. 

My stepping stones in this river include a decade of mindfulness meditation and training with Tara Brach, certification as a Wayfinder Life Coach with Martha Beck (the life coach in Oprah’s magazine), extensive specialization in Attachment Theory models and treatments (including the Three Pillars model and IPF Protocol designed by Harvard researchers Daniel P. Brown and David S. Elliott), Dan Siegel’s relational neuroscience, polyvagal theory, and certification as a Lasting Connection Couples’ Facilitator with Dr. Debi Gilmore and Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen. (I graduated in the program’s first cohort and started offering Building a Lasting Connection workshops in 2019.)

It’s my honor to hear and hold stories. They are sacred ground: the cathedral of our learning, our portal to connection.

In addition to my private practice seeing one-on-one clients and couples through Zoom, I also offer workshops and guided meditations from the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Thank you for being here and for being part of a community bound by mutual care and our commitment to creating more beauty with kindness.

With warm care, Camille

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Rebecca Jorgensen recommends Camille Pack for Building a Lasting Connection training.


“I’ve watched Camille across the years, and I’m excited to recommend her as someone who can help you find love and connection in your life. 

She’s a wonderful coach, who brings gentle kindness into her work in a way that creates powerful insights and strong connections.”

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